At Ekya School JP Nagar we use inquiry based techniques to create immersive learning experiences.

The Ekya primary school program for Grades 1 to 5 is aimed at creating social awareness, value-based learning and physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. At Ekya, we enable the child to make associations, build conceptual connections, collaborate on creative projects and derive joy from learning.

The curriculum is divided into scholastic areas and non-scholastic areas. Scholastic areas include English, second and third Languages, Math, Science and Social Studies. At Ekya we utilize a variety of teaching aids and methods in the classroom – flashcards, experiments, word games, puzzles, role-play, audio-visual room equipment, group projects, individual projects, and field trips help students enhance their understanding. Students are posed with questions that help them relate concepts to their day to day experiences Ekya educators update themselves through training sessions and workshops to maintain our high standards of instruction.