Our Early Years program uses inquiry and exploration to create immersive learning experiences.

Montessori System | 2 years 10 months – 5 years

An Italian physician, Dr Maria Montessori, founded and ideated this well-known system. At Ekya, inspired by this system, we initiate learning at 2.5 years of age. Under the guidance of special Montessori-trained teachers and enveloped in the warmth of their individual attention, Ekya students work with stimulating materials to develop concentration and a love for learning.

Some salient features of an Ekya Early Years Montessori environment are:

  • Children are divided into the following categories on the basis of their age – Montessori Babies, Montessori Sub-Juniors, Montessori Juniors and Montessori Seniors
  • Each section is called an Environment
  • Based on the Montessori philosophy that older children set an example share learnings with their younger counterparts, each Environment has a cohort of mixed ages
  • The Montessori system develops a sense of responsibility and independence in children
  • Activity based learning is at the core of this methodology
  • A daily routine of prayer time, brain-gym time, rhyme time, work time and play time, is established
  • Colour days (children and teachers come to school dressed in the colour of the day) are observed on various occasions
  • Festivals, events, annual days, grandparent’s day and other appreciation days are also observed according to the school calendar
  • Music plays an important role in the pre-primary routine
  • Great emphasis is laid on developing a love for books through the school reading program. Special time is allocated for reading, storytelling and related activities to build students comprehension, spelling and appreciation for the written word
  • To improve motor skills and focus on the importance of play and learning, our Montessori children spend a designated amount of time at the school sandpit
  • Gardening is a vital part of the weekly schedule