The Student Council is the representative body of the entire student community at Ekya School JP Nagar. Serving as the interface between the students and the administration, the Council comprises of the Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Sports Captain, Cultural Secretary, the Editorial and School House Captains.

For the Academic Year 2018-2019, the Student Council at Ekya JP Nagar is as follows

Head Girl: Diya Anil Kumar, Grade X
Vice Head Boy: Prasidh Pradeep, Grade IX
Sports Captain: Sharvari Ramesh, Grade X
Cultural Secretary: Trishikha Kiran Rao, Grade X
Editor: Ananya Milak, Grade X
Sub – Editor: Jahnavi Rajesh, Grade IX

Bhoomi House Captain: Vibhanshu Bhagat, Grade X
Vayu House Captain: Ankit Milind Hanchinmani, Grade X
Jal House Captain: Varsha Doshi, Grade X
Agni House Captain: Omkar Rajesh, Grade X