At Ekya, we use the best research and methods to enhance the unique gifts of each student.

Ekya is a community of learners, thinkers, doers and changemakers. Ekya stands for a sense of togetherness, collaboration and unity – Ekya is a community where everyone forges ahead with purpose.

The word Ekya is derived from the Sanskrit sounds of unity and individuality. It embodies the spirit of collaboration and togetherness while allowing space for the individual to grow. The Ekya logo can be interpreted in many ways and we love seeing students derive their own meaning from it. We believe that every individual is unique and special in their own way. Ekya students and educators are united in a singular mission towards the quest for knowledge and excellence. Each unique individual adds depth and dimension to the culture at Ekya.

We believe in the collaborative approach to education. In today’s highly individualistic society, we have lost sight of the benefits of working together and learning from each other. At Ekya Schools, each child is imbibed with a sense of belonging to a greater whole while their individual contributions are valued and cherished. With the aim of learning and deep understanding, we provide our students with a stimulating and safe environment to explore learning and express their ideas.

Ekya School JP Nagar is  affiliated to the ICSE and IGCSE curricula.

 Original drawings of the school campus
- architect's impression.

The Vice Principal’s Message

“The concept of a school has shifted from the ancient paathashaala system, where the students were taught to be self dependant and responsible, to an institution where individuals are groomed to take on roles for the holistic betterment of the society. It is critical that schools allow children to realise these traits through means of experience rather than being imposed by them.

A school needs to be an area where children can be allowed to freely express their creativity and talent, unbound by pressure to excel in fields that are not compliant with their acumen. A good school looks at inculcating the best of all worlds and providing the child with the right platform to develop their skills by means of encouragement and support. As a teacher, each of us ought to set out to achieve these traits.

What distinguishes Ekya Schools is the very nature of focusing on the inherent merits that are naturally present in each child and harnessing their potential. These are then honed to allow the child to respect themselves and what they do in the larger scheme of things. Thus, providing the students a dynamic environment to become well rounded individuals that contribute to the society in an effective and cultured manner.”

Usha Premkumar, Vice Principal, Ekya School JP Nagar