The tale of Kaladham – a small archaeological museum in Hampi

While on a vacation at Hampi, my family and I stayed at Hyatt Place in the Vidyanagar township built by Jindal Steel works. Upon exploring the township, we came across a beautiful museum built by JSW as a tribute to Hampi. The mesmerising experience at the museum, Kaladham, inspired me to write this poem.

Tall stone pillars come to embrace
A pond and the gates to a heavenly place.

He who enters will receive
A feeling that will make him refuse to leave.

As he walks in, he will see
Beautiful stone hallways lined with trees.

And only pillars will separate
Him and what will never outdate,

For its timeless beauty eternally lives here,
Amidst the glory of Hampi’s sphere.

A beautiful stream, pouring down,
Two small ledges, to the ground.

Should he wade in it, he shall see,
What makes Kaladham truly heavenly!

Water gushing down like the winds in autumn
Each drop eager to reach the bottom.

And should he walk out, he shall discover,
A beautiful amphitheatre like no other.

He may sit down for a moment or two,
But curiosity will soon influence what he shall do.

He shall go to the edge of a tiny lake
And toss a pebble in, causing ripples to break.

And as the lights glitter on the water’s surface,
He will truly feel the aura of this place.

Quiet, yet so full of life,
Putting an end to all anger and strife.

In one way it is a Hampi reflection
In another, it is a divine connection.
                                                                                    Pragya Kallanagowder
                                                                                   Grade VIII
                                                                                   Ekya School, J P Nagar




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