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Is Education Really About Preparing for a Corporate Career? [Parents of Ekya]

With the rise in different and lesser-known career options for children – do you think it is more confusing or a definite improvement in the corporate world? Roopa Roy, Parent of Ruan Sen Gupta, Grade 3, Ekya School BTM Layout...

/ June 22, 2018

Is Science Education Aimed at Churning Out Professionals and Earning a Hefty Pay Cheque? [ Parents of Ekya Feature ]

Understanding Science education in today’s context: Is it just to churn out professionals and earn a hefty pay cheque? By Dr. Rakhi Roy, Parent of Rishit Roy, Grade V, Ekya ITPL. Every parent aspires the best for their child, be it...

/ June 19, 2018

Are Exams Needed or Not? [ Parents of Ekya Feature ]

Are Exams Needed or Not? By Rajesh Acharya, Parent of Ms. Dhwani and Ms. Dhriti, Montessori, Ekya School JP Nagar Pedagogy today has undergone a paradigm shift and educational institutions as much as students have adapted themselves to the changing...

/ June 2, 2018