William Wordsworth penned down the beauty of Daffodil flowers after going through his sister, Dorothy’s journal about these flowers. Grade 8 students of Ekya School BTM layout attempted to write few lines on their recent observation in class on Daffodil flowers. 


The flowers are as yellow and bright as the sun. The flowers mix with its surroundings to make a pleasant view. The water reflects the blue sky, and the tall trees reaching out for it.

Picture Perfect

It was nice sunny weather,
a landfilled with daffodil flowers!
The water was still making a shiny, glossy cover,
With a lush green coniferous background.


The sky filled with white clouds,
Air filled with pure happiness.
Is there something more better than this?
This is the PICTURE PERFECT place
of your kind.
     -Sameksha, Grade 8, Ekya School BTM Layout

What are they called?

These flowers are like the sun,
So yellow, and so bright.
To place them in exotic greenery,
Oh! It would make a pleasant sight.


It can enhance the sight of nature,
It could make gardens look fertile.
These flowers could make the saddest man on earth,
Be the happiest,
     – Ishitha Anand, Grade 8 Ekya School BTM Layout

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