Exciting activities mark Reading Week

Reading Week at EKYA ITPL saw a flurry of activities including a Fancy Dress Competition, Mystery Readers, Role Playing, Musical Books, Treasure Hunt, Crossword, Word Puzzles and more. A fun-filled and eventful week, everyone anxiously awaited the ‘DEAR’ bell! And...

/ January 18, 2016

State rank for 5 in spelling contest

We applaud the state rankers of the Marrs Spell Bee Competition 2014-15!    

/ January 16, 2016
children enjoying

Sankranti celebrations at school

Happy Sankranti to all our parents! The festival was celebrated with rangolis decorating our school. Children enjoyed the activity as they learnt to make new designs and fill colours into rangolis.

/ January 15, 2016

Grade V students learn about ‘billing’

Students of Grade V participated in activity-based learning on the topic ‘Bills’. Some students, acting as shopkeepers, set up stalls with various products while others played customers and shopped, made payments and received bills for the purchased items. As a...

/ January 12, 2016
Cyber olympiad winners

National Cyber Olympiad proves Ekya ITPL students are second to none!

Children from Grades III to X enthusiastically participated in the National Cyber Olympiad. Students of Ekya ITPL proved that they were second to none.

/ January 12, 2016

Chef Day Activity: Children make sandwiches garnished with love

Chef Day Activity was held on 8 January 2016 where the little ones showed off their culinary skills. They gathered hands-on experience of ‘fireless cooking’. Little hands enthusiastically cut fruits, vegetables, mixed the salads and prepared sandwiches. They relished the...

/ January 10, 2016

Cooking without fire! First activity of the year 2016

From toddlers to K2s and seniors, everyone took part in our ‘Cooking without Fire’ activity and rolled out lip-smacking food. And they liked it so much that they preferred this to the tiffin prepared by their parents! So parents, please—if there’s a little leftover...

/ January 9, 2016

Children learn to make sandwiches, desserts, salads and short bites

Cooking with children is one of the best ways to make connections across many disciplines. We’re not just making food, we are teaching science in action; helping lay down the basic math, reading and time-telling; encouraging communication and deepening connections...

/ January 9, 2016

Annual Day at Ekya Early Years, J.P. Nagar

Saturday, 19th December 2015, was celebrated as Annual Day at Ekya Early Years, J.P. Nagar. The programme began with a prayer song led by the choir group. The theme was Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, or ‘One World, One Family’, depicting the unity in diversity that characterizes all mankind. Outstanding...

/ January 6, 2016
winners of SOF National Cyber Olympiad

Winners of 15th SOF National Cyber Olympiad

Ekya J.P. Nagar proudly announces the winners of the 15th SOF National Cyber Olympiad:      

/ January 6, 2016