To embrace and respect the culture, traditions, and festivals of our country, the pre-primary children of Ekya School ITPL celebrated Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala. The story of Mahabali brought in the sense of kindness and sharing among students. The essence of the festival was narrated to students by Teachers.

Pookolam, making beautiful designs with flowers is a prominent ritual of the Onam festival. The same was the chosen activity for the celebrations. Students dressed up in ethnic clothes carried with them beautiful flowers for Pookolam. They were encouraged to sort the flowers into different colours while the teachers did an outline of the kolam design they had chosen for their class.

Students then decorated the kolam designs with flowers of different colors. Flowers signify beauty and happiness. Our little buds working with flower petals was a sight indeed. The walkways of our school thus turned to beautifully decorated flower beds and it was definitely a flower showcase at Ekya School ITPL.


Ganesha Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor in our school premises by the Pre-primary children on 5th September. Children, teachers together made the experience of the celebration very special and lively. Students contributed fruits, flower, decorations etc for a small puja and prasadam in the school. On 5th September morning, Puja asan along with a Ganesha Idol adorned with garlands and other decorations was placed. Children brought fruits, flowers etc and the respective teachers in the classes helped them prepare prasadam to offer puja. Then all the pre-primary classes gathered in front of the Puja asan and offered their prasadam to Lord Ganesh. Students took part in Aarti and Vandana by singing Ganesh Vandana. After the puja was over, prasadam was shared among the students. The whole experience brought in an auspicious mood in school.


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