Today, we truly understood the meaning of the quote ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes or Are Muscular’. It was another Monday morning with yawns, confusion, boredom, etc and little did we know that we had a teacher’s talk that would be like an energy drink to us. It all began when we thought that assembly was over. 

It was Ms.Meera’s “Good Morning Children!” that made us halt. We put our bags down and again lined up to listen to her talk. She started off by asking us what was special about the 26th of January. If you guessed it to be Republic Day (like us) you are correct! You have won the Jackpot! (Not really, though) 

If you have watched the parade held on the Republic Day, you might have noticed a few children in the parade on decorated elephants and maybe you, like me, might have thought “What on God’s Green Earth are these children doing?” Here is the answer. These are the children who have been awarded the “National Bravery Award”, a set of awards given to 25 children below the age of 16 years for their “meritorious acts of bravery against all odds”.  This year’s winners are Anika Jaimini, Camelia Kathy Kharbyangar, Setu Malik, Gohil Jayarajsinh and Nitisha Negi. Over the years, the scope of the awards has been extended to even Arts, Science, and Math, etc. The President later hosts a dinner party for the winners of these awards and other dignitaries. 

It was such a “Wow!” moment for me and the rest of the school to know the brave and courageous acts of children like us. Thus, not all heroes wear capes or are muscular!

By – Mahashree G Das, Grade 8 A, Ekya School JP Nagar.

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