Every parent is concerned about the safety of their child. It is difficult to read the news and think about all the ways that our children can be at risk while engaging in their routine activities.  However, as parents, we also know that it is impossible to be present at all times. Therefore, it is important to make children aware of how to behave in situations when they do not feel safe in an age-appropriate way. 

At different ages, the risks and therefore the conversations with children will differ. The most important thing at any age, however, is for the child to know how to identify when they are feeling unsafe, how to remove themselves from the situation, and who they should talk to in such a situation. 

To help you navigate these conversations as well as other parenting challenges, the team at Ekya Schools and CMR K-12 has put together an online course called Informed and Engaged. The course is on Powerschool and we publish a new module each month. Each module is differentiated by age group, as we understand that children of different ages have different needs. To find the course, please login to your child’s Powerschool account and click on the class titled “Informed and Engaged.”

The module on  Personal Safety in the Informed and Engaged course discusses important strategies that will help your child face situations that make them uncomfortable. Having a safe and open space for healthy, non-judgemental conversations is the first and most important step towards ensuring children’s safety. Strategies for creating this space have been discussed in great detail in the module. The strategies have been extensively researched keeping the different age groups, and the needs of different families in mind. 

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