Investiture Results for Ekya School, BTM Layout

“A ceremony at which honours or rank are formally conferred on a particular person,”  the Investiture ceremony started with a formal welcome by students, Diya Anil Kumar & Amrutha KrishnaKumar followed by an invocation song. A walk past by the student council was followed by the Badge Decoration. The oath was administered to the Student Council, following which the Head of School, Ms. Deepa Rani addressed the students.

Ms. Deepa in her speech told students that to be good leaders, they do not need to be the fastest, the wisest, the smartest or the most brilliant. All they need is the courage, a bold outlook, the will to try and the faith to believe it is possible. She told the young leaders to, most importantly, believe in themselves.

The Head Boy of the school Hanish Reddy then gave his first welcome address.

Head Boy: Hanish Reddy

Vice-Head Boy: Keerthan Subhakrith

Sports Captain: Ansh Gangey

Sports Vice-Captain: Aditya C Reddy

Cultural Secretary: Christina Nelson

Editor: Diya Anil Kumar

Sub Editor: Dia K A

Agni House

Captain: Kartik Kothari

Vice-Captain: Aisiri Haritsa

Bhoomi House

Captain: Anish Kulkarni

Vice-Captain: Rukith Nayak

Jal House

Captain: Akarsh Vasudev

Vice-Captain: Sameksha

Vayu House

Captain: Aditya Vijay

Vice-Captain: Shivaprasad A

Club President: Pranad C


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