On 31st October, the students of grade 7 visited the Central Library for a field trip. We were all so excited to go. It was our first field trip. We boarded our bus at nine o’clock and on the bus, we had a lot of fun. We played games and ate lots of healthy and tasty food. When we reached the Central Library, we sat in the park under a tree near the library. It was nice and cool. The Park was filled with trees and lovely green grass. From there we could see the big red central library of Bangalore. It was bigger than we all imagined. We were put into groups to go visit the library. We were even given some questions to which the answers we had to find in the books there. We learned that the library was constructed in the memory of Sir Seshadari Iyer as he was a diwan of Mysore and was a trustworthy man of the British.The Library was constructed in 1908 and was called ‘The Sir Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library’.The building was constructed in a Gothic Style and the design and architecture was influenced by European techniques.As the Government of Karnataka took over the Library,the name was changed to the Central Library.While exploring the library we discovered that it housed more than 4 lakh books and a Braille section too. After exploring the library and asking the friendly administrator many questions we returned to school. It was a very fun and exciting experience for us.We would like to thank everyone involved in organizing this trip.

Written by: Anika Ashok and Nevan
Edited by: Diya Anil Kumar 

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