Students of grade 7 visited the home to over 3,140,000 books, with a copy of every book ever published in the State, The Sir Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library or the State Central Library is nothing short of iconic. With its instantly recognizable bright brick red walls and its central location within the lush green of Cubbon Park, the State Central Library is one of the city’s biggest cultural sites and landmarks.


The biggest library in the State, its shelves are packed with everything from periodical publications to books in braille, so if it’s the knowledge you seek, you’ve come to the right place. The library’s brick-red walls have seen over a century (104 in 2019) of growth and change in the city and have their own story to tell, apart from the many in their books, that is.

Our children found for a quiet spot with easy access to information, to hit the books? Well, this is it! Free from distraction and stress, the State Central Library is where they buried their head deep in those books and prepared for whichever topic they were assigned by their teacher. These walls have seen the hopes and hard work of many an IAS and KAS aspirant. And like we mentioned, the place is stocked up on plenty of academic books, research material and rare periodicals that you can get your hands on and read through.

They also completed the assigned worksheets and presented their research.

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