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Exploring Design Thinking at Ekya Schools

What is Design Thinking? Design, in its most common use, is understood to describe an object or an end result. Design Thinking, on the other hand, is an action. It is a protocol or process used for solving problems, discovering...

/ February 15, 2018

Working at Ekya Schools – Mousumi Choudhury

As educators, we need to constantly ask ourselves – “How are we helping our students learn better?” A passionate educator who embodies the spirit of a lifelong learner, Ms. Mousumi Choudhury engineers the Mathematics program at Ekya for Kindergarten to...

/ February 14, 2018

5 Tips to Have Great Dinner Conversations with Your Kids

It’s half past 8 in the evening and Neema’s children have just settled around the dining table. Eight-year-old Aryan is glued to his tablet, streaming videos off YouTube in between his irregular bites while his sister Dhruti, has her mind...

/ February 12, 2018

Working at Ekya Schools – Ahlada Sudersan

“We need to prepare our students for the demands of the future.” Having started her career as an Electrical Engineer, Ms. Ahlada’s passion for Computer Science brought her to Ekya Schools. Today, she designs the Computer curriculum for Grades 1...

/ September 11, 2017

Decoding the role of Growth Mindset in Education

At Ekya, we strongly believe that a person’s ability and intelligence can be honed through practice, hard-work, dedication and motivation. This is why we invest our time and efforts towards creating an environment that promotes and develops a ‘Growth Mindset’...

/ September 8, 2017
Getting back to school

Preparing for Academic Year 2017-2018 #livethelesson

Fresh pair of shoes, tailor-made uniforms, matching lunch box sets and loads of stationery! A lot is talked about a student’s checklist for going back to school. What about the view from the other side of the hill? Would you...

/ May 26, 2017