We all know the importance of time but rarely acknowledge it. Our Parent blogger Ms.Vasudha Parashar, mother of Vartika Shukla, Grade 2 student of Ekya School JP Nagar shares this interesting blog on the importance of time that will prompt you to be on time.

BEING ON TIME … A Dying Etiquette

There are a lot of proverbs on time such as;  ‘A stitch on time saves nine’, ‘Time and Tide wait for none’, and ‘Nothing is more powerful than Time’. The importance of time right from the beginning of our life is evident from the fact that even the time of our birth is recorded.

Why being on time is so important?

Punctuality is a valued trait. When you are on time it simply means that you value YOURSELF as well as OTHERS. It portrays you as a disciplined person who respects others and values their time.

Then, why such a good manner is dying?

Casualness is one of the main reasons for such an approach. If the delay happens once or twice, one can understand it’s an emergency, but when it becomes a repeated habit; then the approach is casual. If a person does not value the time of others, it reflects their insensitivity towards others.

Fashion or creating self-importance could be another reason for being late. Some people assume that if they arrive late to an occasion, others will give them importance, considering them to be very busy people, while the truth may be different.

Importance of time should perhaps be taught from childhood itself. It should be made habitual in all families so that the children can learn to be on time as a gesture of respect. When such habits are encouraged in families it extends to the outside world as well. Being on TIME also ensures many other good habits and helps in better focus for a disciplined life. A disciplined schedule not only helps the mind to be in focus and stress-free but also a disciplined body is more active and healthy.

Many times we have seen an important event or class getting canceled or delayed due to absence or late coming of people. If we really want to encourage discipline, instead of canceling or delaying the event we should stick to time and avoid the latecomers. This will keep people who are on time motivated and set an example for latecomers. Let the small planning lead to better time management. Make being on time a habit, not a forced task.

A brief profile of Ms. Vasudha Parashar

Ms. Vasudha Parashar is a Finance Professional with vast corporate experience in India and abroad, but in a quest to pursue her passion for art and dance she moved away from corporate life. Ms. Vasudha started her own Art House and has been teaching classical dance and paintings of various forms such as; Oil, Acrylic, Ceramic, Nib, etc. She also puts her art for sale at exhibitions and online and contributes the profits from the Art House to sponsoring the education of students at Vimukti Sanstha, Jaipur an Institute for the education of unprivileged girls.


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