At Ekya we use inquiry based techniques to create immersive learning experiences.

The Ekya middle school program for Grades 5 to 8 challenges students to apply their learning to the world around them. The scholastic areas in the middle school curriculum delve into deeper content knowledge in the areas of Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, Languages and ICT Education. Students engage in hands-on learning experiences in our Science, Mathematics and Social Studies laboratories. All Ekya Schools follow a common curriculum till through primary and middle school. Built with clear objectives and benchmarked to the highest international standards, Ekya’s curriculum prepares students not only for the challenges of senior school and competitive exams, but for the world that awaits our students beyond school.

Our middle school program also includes our immersive co-curricular program. Students are also encouraged to take part in external examinations like the Olympiads; and special events like elocution, debate, quizzes, and writing are conducted throughout the year to help students enhance their skills of expression.