At Ekya, we are constantly striving to deliver best of education to our community of learners, thinkers, doers and change-makers. Our efforts are well appreciated by our students, parents and alumni who have come forward to share their thoughts and feedback on our school, curriculum and teaching methodologies.


Ms. Viji
Parent of Grade 11 Ekya student

"My daughter is happy and is always looking forward to school. We are happy with her progress at Ekya!"

It was the third quarter of 2016, and my daughter was in Grade X in a popular international school. We were hunting for a good school for her to complete her Grades XI and XII – one that didn’t have thousand students, making it difficult for the management and faculty to pay attention to each child or listen to their parents. We wanted a grounded schooling during these two crucial years.

Many school visits later, we came to Ekya, and immediately loved the place. The environment was just right; it wasn’t too small, nor was it too big. From the beginning, we liked our interaction with the school administration. We were happy when my daughter secured admission into the school. It has the right mix of academics and extracurricular activities.

One year down the line and we are glad we made the choice. We have liked so many aspects of the school. The Open Day was perhaps one of the best we have ever witnessed. The exhibits, play, and the Sound and Light show were unique and so interesting. Kudos to the teachers for helping the students bring out their best!


Ms. Pooja
Parent of Grade 3 Ekya student

"The attention paid to each student is top-notch; the children have loving and understanding teachers. They organize weekly activities, both academics and extracurricular, that brings out togetherness and teamwork among the children. My daughter looks forward to school; such is the environment and culture they’ve built around them."

Mr. Ramanan
Parent of Ekya Early Years student

"We attended Abhinav’s observation and met with his teachers. It was an absolute delight to see the teaching techniques employed at Ekya – innovative and the involvement of teachers, exemplary! As a son of a teacher myself, I’ve seen the level of pedagogy at Ekya and I must laud the effort they put towards imparting education."

Ms. Asha Doris
Senior Educator

"It is amazing to see students wanting to come to school just to see what interesting things they will explore and discover each day. I’ve had the privilege of working with great leaders, talented young minds and amazing teachers over the years here."

Grade 10 student

"We get an affirmation, that is, the teacher writes what she likes about the class or student, which we place on chart. That culture is something very special to Ekya because we realize our strengths and how we can take them forward."

Ms. Reshma
Parent of Grade 7 student

"A lot of the parents I’ve spoken to say the same thing – their child loves going to Ekya. I think that should be proof about how they are as a school. Class sizes are small with fewer sections, so each child is well taken care of. Any issue or concern can be voiced to the headmistress or teacher by taking an appointment, very professional that way."