At Ekya, school clubs are for the students, of the students and by the students with guidance from teachers and mentors. Each club has its own dedicated objective and provides students with opportunities to identify and nurture their unique talents.


Student Innovation Club

Revolving around activities related to the wellness of the environment, the objective of the Student Innovation Club is to enlighten students about social awareness, empathy, innovation, cleanliness and concerns about nature.


DDD- Dance Drama and Dress

The objective of the DDD club is to promote various cultures and practices from various parts of the globe. Students explore the known and the unknown on subjects of dance, drama, food and personalities. The club serves as a platform for members to explore different dance forms and acting skills, also preparing them for inter and intra school competitions. Dance classes are organized to nurture the school’s dancing and theatre talent.


Environment Club
The Environment clubs at Ekya are partnered with Reap Benefit, a program with an aim to create Leaders for Environmental Awareness and Protection (L.E.A.P) among our students. The club gives them the platform they need to make their contributions towards preserving the environment. Promoting clean and green consciousness across all stakeholders, the club members ensure employment of effective waste management within the campus and the neighbouring community. The club educates students about gardening and its importance – they learn techniques, floral designs and are taught the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle.


Creativity Club (C2 Club)

They participate in solution-building exercises such as Best Out of Waste, also putting their efforts and skill into linen, paper and metal


Photo Maniac Club

Aimed at enhancing the visual skill and ability of students, the Photo Maniac Club trains them in photography.


Thinkers Club

With problem-solving at the crux of the club, the Thinkers Club promotes the idea of being proactive and participative in solving real-world problems. Students show their expertise in designing thinking and problem-solving.


Magic Math- MM club

Magic Math, the MM Club, trains students to hone their analytical reasoning, number ability and creativity through mathematical and logical concepts


Bits and Digits (BND Club)

Bits and Digits (BND Club) brings the students closer to the world of virtual learning. As coders and decoders, they discover new techniques and develop code aimed at solving problems.


Laurettel Club

An immersive literature club that caters to budding journalists, members of the Laurettel Club are introduced to the process of writing blogs, and newsletters, conducting in-house interviews and other journaling activities.


Debate Club
The club’s aim is to develop the debating skills of students, enabling members to work on their oration and ability to make an effective argument.  In addition to this, the club encourages students who want to improve their communication skills and stage presence. It provides a forum for keen debaters to practice and share their feedback. The club members work in tandem to analyse and dissect topics of discussion, select and evaluate evidences, construct and refute arguments.


MUN Club
At Ekya, we train students who participate in MUN conferences. Model UN or MUN is a simulation on a “Working of a Model UN conference” that involves a student’s researching, public speaking, debating and writing skills. In addition to these, his/her critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities are also tested. In the final module of the recent mentor training program, students as delegates were made to represent various countries of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) discussing the agenda of “Global Poverty Alleviation”.